About Me/Hobbies


My name is Sean Lestina.
I am a 23 year old guy that has interests in gaming and computer software design as well as webpage design and robotics.

I currently live in Circle Pines, MN. Some of my hobbies include designing my websites, watching YouTube videos(and attempting to make my own), gaming, bicycle riding, going to The Salvation Army: Noble Corp for church and to help out when possible, and collecting old computers. I have completed the coarse Computer Hardware and Software/Game Design at Northeast Metro 916: Career and Tech Center in White Bear, MN.

I currently work at Amazon as a Sortation Associate.

I have previously worked at the Minnesota State Fair as an Overnight Sanitation Employee and Post-Fair Clean-up Crew.

I have also previously worked at Walmart as a Cart Associate.

I have also previously worked at the Target in Lino Lakes, MN as a Flexible Fulfillment Associate.

I have also previously worked at the Goodwill in Blaine on Ulysses through the Goodwill Easter Seals program. I am currently looking to further my education.

I went to Irondale High School and was apart of the orchestra where I played the violin. On my first year in the orchestra, we went to Italy and played in 3 concerts while learning more about the history of Rome and Italy.

I was also on the school’s FIRST Robotics Competition team known as the Knightkrawlers for 4 years until I graduated in 2014. FIRST is an acronym that stands for “For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. While I was on  the robotics team I learned about Gracious Professionalism, which is a major point of FIRST, as well as how to build and program a robot within six weeks using the Engineering Design Cycle and . If you would like to support the team or FIRST. or would like to learn more about the team or FIRST robotics and their mission, please visit the links down below.


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